Contacts with Current Student-Athletes

NCAA DO'S AND DON'TS – Contacts with Currently Enrolled Student-Athletes

1. Feel free to invite a student-athlete to your home for a home cooked meal but only infrequently on special occasions (e.g., birthday, Thanksgiving). Also, you may provide transportation for the student-athlete to attend the meal function at your home.

2. Feel free to invite a team (not family members or friends) for dinner in your home (not a restaurant, however, the meal in your home may be catered.)  Fell free to meet with a group of alumni in a city where they are competing. The NCAA permits student-athletes AS A TEAM to receive special benefits not permitted as individuals. Arrangements for such events must be made in advance with the athletic department.

1. Provide a student-athlete, their relatives or friends any benefit or special arrangement unavailable to the general student population (e.g., free or reduced meals, housing, use of an automobile, promise of employment after graduation, discounted prices or free services or products to a student-athlete). The NCAA considers these “extra benefits” and they are specifically prohibited.

2. Provide payment of any expenses (e.g., room, board, transportation) at any time for friends or relatives to visit the student-athletes where they are enrolled.

3. Expend funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends, family, or relatives.

4. Use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or the use of a commercial product or service of any kind.

5. Provide any payment of expense or loan of any automobile for a student-athlete.  Additionally, you may not cosign a loan for a student-athlete.

6. Provide awards or gifts to student-athletes for any reason.  This also prohibits honorariums for speaking engagements. All awards must conform to NCAA regulations and must be approved by the institution.

NOTE: These rules remain in effect throughout the student-athletes entire enrollment at Rollins College (including summer break).