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NCAA Compliance

As a future TAR, friend, fan, parent, alumnus, booster or donor of Rollins College and Rollins College Athletics, you are an important part of Tars Athletics success.  The information contained on the website will illustrate how you can help the entire athletic program have continued success by complying with NCAA rules and regulations.

NCAA compliance with the rules is everyone’s job.  If you are not sure if an activity is allowed, ASK BEFORE YOU ACT.

Your efforts in complying with the NCAA rules and your support of our student-athletes is appreciated and import to our continue success.
Go Tars!

Pennie Parker
Director of Athletics

 - 2019-20 Rollins College Student-Athlete Handbook
2018 NCAA Academic Requirements
2018 NCAA Initial Eligibility Standards
2015-16 Athletics Academic Advising Manual

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
-  NCAA DII Initial Eligibility Standards
Rollins Federal Graduation Rates 2007-08 Cohort
Rollins Academic Success Rate 2004-07 Cohort
-  NCAA Organized Competition Legislation Statement
-  Summer Instructions for Rollins Student-Athletes
-  2018-19 NCAA Banned Drugs
Rollins Guide for Adding a Sport

NCAA Compliance and Rollins College
Future Tars
Contacts With Prospects
NCAA Definitions
Ethical Conduct
Transfer Students
Contacts With Current Student-Athletes
Employment of Prospects and Enrolled Student-Athletes
Athletic Scholarships
Sports Wagering
NCAA Rules Regarding the Internet


Rollins College is responsible for all actions of its boosters.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of Rollins College to make you aware of the consequences for violating NCAA rules noted on this website.  Athletic boosters found in violation of NCAA rules are subject to losing benefits and privileges.  In some cases, the NCAA Committee on Infractions has required institutions to disassociate boosters from the institution.