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The Sunshine State Conference is committed to creating and promoting sportsmanship and ensuring healthy environments for competition.   The SSC upholds the values of character building and ethics in sports.

Principles of Sportsmanship 
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Good citizenship
• Fairness

Standards of Conduct
Administrators, coaches, and student-athletes shall conduct themselves in a manner that portrays positive role modeling, and also represent their institutions with the values of sportsmanship.

The following standards are set forth for all to abide by before, during, and after an event:
• Exhibit respect and courtesy towards all participants (coaches, student-athletes, and officials) and fans.
• Exercise restraint in both physical and verbal actions toward others.
• Make only positive public comments about other institutions, coaches, and student-athletes.
• Refrain from making public comments critical of officials or the quality of their performance.

Cheerleaders, Bands, Mascots
Their focus must be toward encouragement and support of their team and of respect for the opponents.

Fans are also expected to act in a manner consistent with the Code of Sportsmanship.  Fans should be encouraged to applaud the efforts of both teams.  Consistent with the Code of Sportsmanship, fans should also respect the officials and opposing fans, and not demean, taunt, or harass them in any way.

Specific Guidelines
1. Threatening comments to officials, players, coaches or any person at the event are not permitted and are grounds for removal from the facility.  A warning may be issued before removal, but not necessary.

2. NO profanity, insulting or personally degrading comments are to be made towards coaches, players, officials, or any person at the event.  Continuation of this action, after being warned, is grounds for removal from the facility.

3. Home fans are not permitted directly behind visiting team benches.  This section is to be set aside for visiting team fans.   Home fans behind visiting team benches are to be removed if comments are directed toward the visiting team and/or its fans.

NCAA Sportsmanship Web site