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Tars Compete in First Ever Team Race

Tars Compete in First Ever Team Race

ATLANTA, Ga. (February 2, 2020) - On a cold Saturday morning the Rollins College sailors, Nick Baker '20, Teagan Walsh '20, Simon Munoz '20, Herminio Luke Agront '22, Carly Orhan '23, and Connor Teague '23, arrived at Lake Lanier Sailing Center for the Tars first ever Team Racing event. Team racing is a competition that pits three boats on one team  agianst three boats on another team. The goal is to have your team finish with results adding up to less than 10 points. Team Racing requires boats to use the rules of sailing to gain an advantage over the opposing boats, slowing them down or preventing them from continuing around the racecourse.

The Rollins team got on the water after discussing tactics and strategies. Race One started great with the Tars sailing into first and second place finishes sealing a winning combination, regardless of when the final boat crossed the finish line. The second race was not as easy, but with good communication and teammates willing to come back and help, Rollins got another win. The Tars proved resiliant on the day, always finding a way to earn a victory. A capsize on the start of one race put one group of Tars far behind, however, Rollins was able to battle back. Even technical difficulties with the equipment could not slow Rollins, as one boat suffered a broken tiller extension, but still finished in a winning combination. Rollins finished their 12th race without a single loss.

This is the first of four team race events that the team is going to participate in this semester. "The competition will be a lot tougher in these future events but this was an encouraging start to The sailing team's new venture," sailing coach Ben Chafee said after the event.

Looking ahead to next weekend, the Tars will split the squad – the Tars will travel to Galveston, Texas where they will defend their 2019 title in the Harris Kempner Memorial. While on the friendly confines of Lake Virginia, the Tars will host ten schools that include University of Florida, NC State, and Georgia Tech in the Old Florida regatta.