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Tars Close Busy Week and Home Racing Schedule

Tars Close Busy Week and Home Racing Schedule

WINTER PARK, Fla. (March 17, 2019) – Led by a strong showing form its 4's, Rollins women's rowing closed the home racing season with the TARS Regatta and Spring Break Race over the weekend. 

The Rollins women hosted Embry Riddle, a Sunshine State Conference school, for a mid-week race during both schools spring break on Thursday morning.  The two races the TARS were able to win were the Varsity 4 and the Novice 4 events. In Rollins took the leads before the 500m buoys and never slowed down.  

Rowing in the Varsity 4 was Cameron Robinson, Elizabeth Berry, Allison Stewart, Grace Wamester and Samantha Talucci. Margaret Stewart, Alyssa Murphy, Britt Brown, Elsa Heisler and Natasha Kusibab crewed the novice boat. 

Unfortunately, the DII 8 and the DII 4 were not able to do the same.  This results will put the TARS back on the ranking list in Division II but the season is still early and the team is committed to close the gap and not make it easy on any of the DII schools they face.

Women's Results - TARS Regatta

Two days later, the Tars were back on the water for the Spring Break Race; facing Barry, Stockton and the University of Florida. 

The DII8 was unable to keep up with the speed of Barry and UF, finishing fourth. The DII 4 (Alyssa Rabade, Victoria Jones, Britta Brown, Alyssa Murphy, Natasha Kusibab) had a great race, finishing just five seconds behind Barry. 

Rollins was able to win the Novice 4 (Stewart, Murphy, Brown, Heisler, Kusibab) and place second in the N8, V4 and V4 B.   

"The day could not have been better except for a 20 min delay where wind and fog came in and went only really affecting one race," said head coach Shawn Pistor. "The rest of the racing was flat water and great competition. The teams still have a lot of work ahead of them and the challenges are not going to be easy.  This is nothing Rollins Rowing has not seen in the past and the coaches and rowers are committed to the work ahead."  

Women's Results - Spring Break Race

The team will be leaving on Friday, March 22 for the John Hunter Regatta in Gainesville, Georgia to face more than 15 schools from around the east coach.